Rotary Boca Raton Sunset virtual club meetings will occur every other week using zoom for video conferencing throughout the remainder of calendar year 2020. 
Any Rotary members wishing to join one of our zoom Virtual Club meetings may use our website to email request to club Executive Secretary using "TO EMAIL" button or by using the About Our Club drop down menu Officers & Directors selection and making email request to club Secretary; please include the name of your home club when making the request.
Anyone interested in becoming involved in Rotary in the Greater Boca Raton and Highland Beach area may also contact a member of our club through the Executive Secretary or Secretary as described above for Rotarians wishing to visit our club.
Rotary Club members please take note of this letter from Rotary District 6930 Foundation Chair Jim Sisserson:

Rotary year 2019-2020 is drawing to a close with the world in an unprecedented posture.  Covid-19 has changed the landscape in ways few, if any, have ever seen. 

Something that has not changed is the way Rotarians have risen to the challenge to continue to serve.  It is truly inspirational to see the many different ways Rotarians and Rotary clubs have galvanized into action to help people whose lives are being ravished by this disease. 

The Rotary Foundation has made amazingly quick adjustments to support Rotary clubs’ efforts to combat the impact of Covid-19 now.  Policies have been changed, Disaster Relief grants created and rapid review and approval of projects to get Foundation dollars to work in our communities immediately. 

Fortunately, Rotarians in 2016-2017 gave generously to the Annual Fund.  Those dollars are at work now fighting Covid-19.  We do not know what challenges will face Rotarians and the Foundation in 2022-2023, but we do know that there will be great need. 

Unfortunately, many Rotarians and their businesses have been severely affected by Covid, and they will rightly focus on their survival.  Therefore, it is doubly important that those of us who have not suffered financially to do all that we can to support the Rotary Foundation. 

Please take a moment and reflect on your giving to the Annual Fund this Rotary year.  Please consider increasing your usual contribution not only in recognition of the good that those dollars will do for those in need but also in honor of our fellow Rotarians who are unable to give this year.  Every dollar counts.

The deadline for giving for this Rotary year is for your donations to be received in Evanston by June 30.  This can be done through your club treasurer or directly with the Foundation through on line giving. 

Thank you for being a Rotarian!  Difficult times can bring out the best in people and organizations.  We can be proud that all over the world Rotarians are backing up our words with action, living out our motto “Service above Self”.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Jim Sisserson, District Rotary Foundation Chair