Speaker Date Topic
Hon Dr Steve Perman Feb 24, 2020
Mission Bay Chiropractic Center

Featured Rotarian for March, scheduling adjustment.

Lisa Campion Mar 02, 2020
FAU HS Rotary Scholar
FAU HS Rotary Scholar
Nicholas Metropulos Mar 09, 2020
Marine Ecosystem Awareness

engagement in process, sent email 2/13, reference from Fred Licata

Hon Steve Abrams Mar 16, 2020
Regional Transportation Authority

2/19/2020 confirmed with Secretary Marta 954-788-7976

Mayor Steve Abrams now  RTA Director

Get bio and pic online

Speaker Scheduling Mar 23, 2020
Speaker Scheduling: Contact Club Secretary Jerry Leitherer

Sponsoring member speaker scheduling responsibilities:

⇒ Verify schedule availability with Club Secretary

⇒ When date confirmed, notify Club Secretary and Provide:

► speaker picture
► brief speaker bio
► brief synopsis of program topic and purpose
► speaker's email address

⇒ On meeting day, introduce speaker with brief speaker bio, brief description of topic and purpos

⇒ At least one week prior to speaking day, provide speaker with meeting format as follows:

⇒ Our evening begins with fellowship and family service dinner about 6 pm,

►at 6:30 pm our club President calls meeting to order,
►Sgt-at-arms leads us in

♦ USA Flag Pledge and club Oath,
♦ friendly opportunities to share "Happy Bucks,"
♦ 50-50 raffle,

►Club President calls for:

♦ club announcements
♦ program sponsor introduces speaker about 7 pm 

►Usually 20 minutes plus Q&A time, end 7:25 pm
► President will rise to signal wrap up
    ending meeting at 7:30 pm

Rotary Information Day Mar 30, 2020
Bring a Guest

Rotary in Action testimonials - Membership drive: bring a guest.

No Meeting May 25, 2020
Memorial Day

national holiday