Mathieu Daquin is a seasoned educator and community leader in South Florida. In fact, his experience in teaching high school, college, and professional students has been highly acclaimed by both students and school administrators. Although he has worked as an interpreter, translator and language instructor, his expertise and passion are in the mentoring and youth leadership arena. Mathieu has designed, implemented, and organized a variety of work-intensive and challenging mentoring programs that serve to develop relationships between members of the business community and the students.
As a department chairperson for World Languages and Fine Arts, he has been responsible for an overwhelming number of ongoing and annual projects, fundraisings, benefit drives and service missions. As a grant coordinator, Mathieu has raised $150,000.00 in one year for Boyd Anderson High School. Having been in the school system for 20 years, Mathieu realizes the need to teach students practical skills and groom them to become global citizens. Hence, he was instrumental in the creation of the Executive Intern Program at Western High School. However, Only 30 honor students out of a student body of 2,600 were able to participate. He saw the need to develop a program geared toward all students.
Astonished by how unprepared students were for the real world, as a high school teacher, he founded the International Center 4 Youth Services in May 2002. IC4YS is a publicly faith-based grass root organization with the main purpose of reducing academic failure and juvenile delinquency. This not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization aims to expose the disadvantaged population and especially disabled students with positive outlets that allow them to enhance and create a stronger and more effective spirit, mind and body.
Mathieu Daquin, a Past President of Rotary Boca Raton Sunset, has influenced the lives of countless individuals through his selflessness and service.