During our meeting Monday March 18, 2019 we expected Chuck Sawicki to provide some insights on mentoring and membership development.  With 54 years of Rotary experience, Chuck did just what we expected.  He shared several stories about effective techniques used by the 14 different Rotary clubs in which he belonged.
While he was talking he distributed copies of his book, "On Mentoring" and asked us to look at selected pages in the book that highlighted the stories he was telling us.  He also pointed to a feedback section in the book that validated some of his claims about club growth as well as other community organization growth that resulted from the mentoring activity he prescribed.  A great presentation!
Chuck had a 46 year career in sales, marketing, & general management. He received a BA in Economics from Notre Dame & an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. He served as a US Army officer through ROTC as a Distinguished Military Graduate. While with 5 organizations, he was president of 3 companies in business information, M&A information, & wholesale & retail investment products & services.  
Before moving to Lancaster in 2014 from Charlotte, NC, he served over 7 years as a SCORE Mentor and continues. He won each SCORE Chapter’s outstanding mentor award. He has been a Rotarian for over 53 years and has been a volunteer Ambassador for Road Scholar, the largest non-profit educational travel company. Chuck has traveled to all 50 states & 100 countries. He won the AFP Volunteer Fund Raiser Award while serving on non-profit boards & donor development committees.