Our meeting April 8, 2019 was a Club Assembly at the Renaissance Hotel, 2000 NW 19th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33431.  Our agenda included: Club stats, House Committee (relocation and meeting formats), Speaker/Program, and Events/Projects.
Secretary Jerry Leitherer reported that our current membership includes 22 active with two currently on leave of absence and four qualified as R85 attendees, plus 9 honorary.  Our reported attendance for the most recent month was 94.49%.
Following Board of Directors action, President Ana Londono has established a House committee with the following assignment: 
  • Conduct Club Survey
  • Review Location Options
  • Review Meeting Format Options
  • Review Meeting Schedule Options
  • Recommend Favored Option
  • Complete by 4/21
Committee members include: Chair Susan Meister, Steve Perman, Michael Flam, Jerry Leitherer, Joseph Mirrione, and Dan Singh.
The following Events were announced and attendance encouraged: FAU HS Scholar Gala May 13 6pm at Maggiano's Little Italy - chaired by Sam Khazem, and Officer Installation Dinner May 20 6pm at Farmer's Table - chaired by Susan Meister.