At our meeting Monday August 5, 2019 we met Margaret Blume, an anticipated participant in the September 20, 2019 Boca Ballroom Battle, which is one of the major fundraisers for the George Snow Scholarship Fund.  She told us a little about the event and what she has been experiencing in preparation for this event, which will pair Fred Astaire Dance Studio pros with Margaret and other local participants in the style of Dancing with the Stars.  
Tim Snow, President of George Snow Scholarship Fund accompanied her to provide additional information about the fund, which is dedicated to helping deserving students within the community achieve their career goals through their pursuit of higher education. 
Tim told us about his early experiences learning to dance and participating in the opening dance for prior Ballroom Battles, something he would not have believed possible for what he said was a person "with two left feet".  He also reviewed some of the history of the scholarship fund memorializing his father and the beginning of the Boca Ballroom Battle fundraiser.  Since its inception the Fund has awarded over 12 million dollars in educational grants. In the year 2019 alone, the Scholarship Fund awarded over $1,400,000 in scholarships and scholars support services to 150 Snow Scholars. This level of support places the Fund as one of Palm Beach County’s largest sources of educational grants.
Both Margaret and Tim said that the experience had developed a new self-confidence, poise, and more relaxed feeling when "on stage" in front of an audience of strangers, acquaintances, and familiar friends doing something never before attempted by them.  Margaret explained that the primary source of the funds developed by this event is the sponsorship obtained by each of the dance contest participants.  As in past Ballroom Battles, net benefit to the scholarship fund is expected to be several hundred thousand dollars. The motivation that ultimately brought them to accept the challenge was the very special scholarship program offered by the George Snow Scholarship Fund. 
Tim explained how the scholarship recipients are selected and how the intimate involvement of volunteers in the organization follow up to include the scholars in their "family experience" of support throughout their education and following career.  Tim said more than 70 volunteers participate in the selection process which involves several application evaluation cycles and interviews.  He also explained that the scholarships are not always in the form of tuition, but may be equipment, housing, or other needs as the student pursues higher education.
President Sue expressed our club's appreciation for this informative and entertaining presentation with our club pen and a small gift.  We hope the fundraiser is a big success, it certainly got our club interested and enthused.  Some discussion afterward suggested the possibility of working together to expand opportunities to support broader vocational education opportunities, such as home and business maintenance services.
Margaret currently volunteers as a Master Gardener and reading tutor for students in elementary school.  She enjoys painting with mixed media and collecting contemporary art.  Her most treasured pastime activities include travel, cycling, tennis, body surfing and spending time at the ocean.  Margaret is the benefactor of The Blume Literacy Center of Palm Beach County, The Blume Tropical Wetland Garden at Mounts Botanical Gardens of Palm Beach County, and the renovation of the Cornell Museum at Old School Square in Delray Beach.  Through her work on these, and numerous other projects, Margaret has been able to share her talent and gifts with others.