During our meeting December 4, 2017, we honored Mohammed Khan as the Florida Atlantic University High School Rotary Scholar for December 2017.  The FAU High School Rotary Scholar of the Month is selected by the FAU HS staff in recognition of character, ethics, morality, community service, and academic achievement.
Mohammed expects to graduate FAU HS in spring of 2018 and continue study to earn a BS in Neuroscience and Behavior from FAU in spring of 2019.  he expects to continue his studies at FAU and possibly be included in the FAU Medical Pipeline.
As a longer term goal, Mohammed hopes to earn enough to build a housing, community center and clinic in his parents' home country of Bangladesh, where his parents have already purchased the land in this impoverished country.  In the interim he hopes to work on research on the Health Aging pillar at FAU while earning graduate degrees and funds for the Bangladesh clinic.
As a high school student he is currently a National Merit Semi-finalist and participates actively in FAU HS Academic Games, currently as president of the club.  Academic Games tournaments challenge students to use higher order thinking skills in the subjects of Language Arts, English, History, and Mathematics.  Last year the team won 1st place in English and 2nd place in Math; this year their team has earned 1st place in Math and 2nd place in English.  Six members, including Mohammed, have made the state competition; and he will be competing in History for the first time this year.  Mohammed also is a member of the Science Olympiad, another FAU HS club.  He expects to compete at MIT in Cambridge in January.
In the university, Mohammed serves as treasurer of the Cellular Agriculture Academic Society.  Their group focuses on plant based stem cell studies to artificially create food and crops.  The society organizes discussions with researchers and fundraisers to bring awareness and help with the studies.
To broaden his exposure, Mohammed hopes to be able to join Dr Kaustabh Kale's company, Aventusoft for a summer research project next year.  When he heard a presentation by Dr Kaustabh, he was inspired by programs that bring scholars of different fields together to work on projects, currently focused on heart disease solutions, because heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US, costing $444 billion in 2010.
Mohammed offered great praise to FAU HS, suggesting "The mere concept of the school is brilliant, gathering young, bright minds and pushing them forward at an accelerated rate. Without this program I would honestly have wasted four years of my life.  It allows us to meet like minded individuals, and peers who push us to be better."
FAU HS Rotary chair Sam Khazem, FAU HS Associated Director David Kelly, Scholar Sponsor Larry Landis, FAU HS Interact Adviser Robin Barkes, and club President Lee Barnard honored Mohammed with the FAU HS Rotary Scholar certificate and encouraged him to join us for the spring FAU HS Scholar Gala when financial awards will be granted.