During our meeting Monday January 7, 2019 we honored Alex Eubanks our Florida Atlantic University High School Rotary Scholar for the Month of January. He was selected by the FAU High School staff in recognition of character, ethics, morality, community service, and academic achievement. 
Alex is concurrently completing his FAU HS program while studying coursework that intersects business and culture, which has already earned him a position on the University President's List with a GPA of 4.0.  He expects to graduate FAU HS in spring 2019 and earn a degree in Business with focus on Music Business in fall 2019.
As Alex accepted this recognition, he began with special thanks to our Rotary club, as well as Rotary International, for the great example of service to community and especially for the recognition and honor provided as a FAU HS Rotary Scholar.  He also thanked FAU and FAU HS for the exceptional program offering "innumerable opportunities for academic exploration, personal growth and success."
Highlighting some of his studies, Alex mentioned courses in astronomy, linguistics and the future of universe as the broad academic exploration he has experienced.  He also told us about his experience as an entrepreneur during a recent summer in Michigan.  He made T-shirts appropriate for the area and sold them through the local stores earning enough to permit giving 10% of profits to charity while meeting his objectives for the enterprise.
Alex recognizes the value of business and professions as a service to community, and highlighted how he hopes to be able to someday own a business that serves his community.  This year he will begin serving the FAU Mentorship Project responsible for mentoring FAU freshmen.
Parents John and Katherine Eubanks accompanied Alex for the recognition event.  Additionally, our Honorary Member Robin Barkes, FAU HS Interact Advisor, and Christine Rich, FAU HS Assistant Principal were present on behalf of FAU HS to honor Alex as the FAU HS Rotary Scholar for January 2019.  Scholar Chair Sam Khazem introduced Alex and cited some of his accomplishments; and club President Ana Londono presented the Certificate of honor.