During our meeting November 6, 2017, we honored Whitney Angelica Andrews as the Florida Atlantic University High School Rotary Scholar for November 2017.  The FAU High School Rotary Scholar of the Month is selected by the FAU HS staff in recognition of character, ethics, morality, community service, and academic achievement.  
Whitney first thanked us for this honor and opportunity to share with us some of her experiences and accomplishments.  Then she told us how important her mother has been: helping Whitney to realize her potential, providing encouragement as she challenged herself to work hard and always try to improve.  Mom, following extra long working days, was always available.
This fundamental responsibility, work and study ethic gave Whitney the confidence and initiative to pursue opportunities and share her abilities with others.  As she excelled in her early high school studies, she offered help to middle school students. 
When learning of opportunities for research and internship as a FAU HS sophomore, she applied and proved her capability to participate in a computer engineering project under direction of Dr Borko Furht, FAU Site Director of National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC) Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE) at FAU.  Recently she had an opportunity to work with Dr Furht again for a Multimedia Data Mining Survey Analysis project.  These experiences led to an additional opportunity to work under the direction of Dr Jason Hallstrom and Dr Furht on a digital image processing project, which further gave her an opportunity to co-author a textbook that is now being published for use in classes for digital image processing.
Whitney also has found time to serve the community volunteering in Office for Students with Disabilities, serve as an Orientation Leader for FAU HS, and serve as an assistant instructor of Car to Car Communication for FAU Summer Engineering Technology camp.
During Q and A session, Whitney revealed her aspirations after graduating FAU HS in spring 2018 and FAU with Computer Science Bachelor Degree in spring 2019.  She hopes to continue in pursuit of a Masters by spring of 2020, continue toward earning a PhD in Computer Science, and continue doing research that will lead to life improvements for disadvantaged children.
Whitney's parents Scottie and Norma Scott accompanied her for the event to honor the November FAU HS Rotary Scholar selected by FAU HS Staff with guidance by Associate Director David Kelly; the Rotary Scholar project is chaired by Sam Khazem.