During our weekly meeting Monday, 9/18/2017, we honored Tayna D. Latortue, our Florida Atlantic University High School Rotary Scholar of the Month for September 2017.  The FAU HS Rotary Scholar of the Month is selected by the FAU HS staff in recognition of character, ethics, morality, community service, and academic achievement. 
Majoring in Biology, Tayna expects to graduate FAU HS and receive a Bachelor of Science in Biology from FAU in spring of 2018.  After graduation, she hopes to continue her pursuit towards becoming a doctor at Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Florida Atlantic University.  Currently, while preparing for the MCAT, Tayna says she "expects to focus on dermatology or gynecology." 
Additionally, Tayna declared: "I like to have fun, just like any other kid -- so I study for Science Olympiad.  Recently, I became co-captain of the team, which is fantastic because it's my favorite club.  Science Olympiad allows me to further my knowledge in not just biology, but in several fields of science like geology, chemistry, and physics."
This past summer, Tayna started as an Organic Chemistry tutor for FAU.  She told us that would not have been expected a couple of years ago because she was disappointed when she learned that two years of Chemistry was required and she had hoped to spend more time on Biology studies in preparation for her desired medical career.   But she enjoyed Chemistry so much that she didn't want to miss that pleasure after completing the two required years of study, so she applied for the tutor position.  Now she says, "as much as I love Chemistry, that isn't even the best part of my job.  The best part is when I see a student's face light up as they start to understand the topic more and more.  Seeing that joy and relief on someone's face is truly priceless."  This is the joy of community service as our club affirmation states: when we "each experience the personal sense of satisfaction that only comes with unselfishly giving from the heart."
The most influential people in her life, Tayna states, are her parents and older sisters.  Her mother's story was especially inspiring because she had applied for a one in a million opportunity to get a scholarship for an American education and got it.  When asked about it, her mother said, "lf there is only one in a million, why can't I be that one?"  Her answer stuck with Tayna to this day, she says: "It was that kind of mentality that made both my parents successful, what made them both bring themselves up from nothing.  My parents instilled this in not only me, but my two sisters as well."  Both mother and father, Irvelle and Youri, grew up in Haiti, currently Youri is the President of the Senate of the Republic of Haiti.  Tayna told us that her sisters are continuing their education in the process of earning an MBA and JD.
Past District 6930 G0vernor Phil Lustig III is the sponsor for FAU HS Rotary Scholar Tayna D. Latortue.  As the September 2017 sponsor, PDG Phil will fund her recognition scholarship at our annual Rotary Scholar Gala in the spring of 2018; and he will offer encouragement, support, and mentoring for Tayna throughout the year and as she continues to pursue her career.  PDG Phil is not only extremely active in Rotary International services as well as our Rotary Boca Raton Sunset club, he is also the Master Coach for Florida Atlantic Masters serving the US Masters Swimming organization.  Thank you, Phil!