Our meeting April 18, 2016 was the FAU HS Rotary Gala conducted at Bogart's.  Hon Dr Steve Perman was our MC and he maintained a crisp and indeed honorable celebration for our Rotary Scholars.  Dr Steve introduced the other Steve, PDG Steve Laine who led us with the invocation, then Dr Steve continued with the Pledge of Allegiance and our Club Affirmation.  Then we all enjoyed a buffet dinner. 
Following dinner, Pres Beverly Brown acknowledged the Rotary Scholar project founder Mathieu Daquin and key partners David Kelly, Director FAU High School and PDG Phil Lustig who reviewed the history of the project now in its third year.  Then Mathieu introduced each monthly sponsor, who introduced awarded the check to the respective Rotary Scholar.
The FAU HS Rotary Scholars and sponsors included: September - Jessica Brandwein, sponsor Beverly Brown; October - Devin Weinberg, sponsor Susan Meister (Bernard Featherman representing); November - Mahalia Sanon, sponsor Jerry & Beverley Leitherer; December - Janet Weinthal, sponsor Howard Lincoln; January - Benjamin Coleman, sponsor John & Maxine Ross; February - Samantha Lloyd, sponsor Ana Londono; March - Loren Barcenes, sponsor Ravi Goolcharan; and April - Connor P Bradley, sponsors PDG Charles Bromberg and Naheed Kahn.
After awards were presented, Rotary Scholars Connor Bradley, Samantha Lloyd and Mahalia Sanon provided testimonies about the wonderful opportunities they have had to learn and grow with guidance and encouragement of the FAU HS staff and university environment.  Finally, Dr Joel Herbst, FAU College of Education offered highlights about each student and provided inspirational thoughts for their continuing studies and careers.
This event honored our monthly FAU HS Rotary Scholars and recognized the character and community contribution these students exemplify.  Each month from September through April an FAU HS Rotary Scholar of the Month is selected by the FAU HS staff in recognition of character, ethics, morality, community service, and academic achievement.
The scholarship award and expenses associated with honoring the students at our monthly Rotary Scholar meeting and the annual gala is provided by individual sponsors, mostly Rotary Boca Raton Sunset club members.  Additionally, a club member is assigned to monthly students sponsored by non-members to provide opportunity for mentoring and continuing contact.
This project also recognizes the contribution the FAU HS environment provides to encourage and support the academic excellence as well as the community contribution in the spirit of our Rotary motto: Service Above Self.  With this advanced learning environment, the fast pace education is enhanced to produce well rounded new leaders for our future who are ready and willing to serve our community with their expertise.