Our featured Rotarian for September 2019 is John Ross, Executive Secretary of Rotary Boca Raton Sunset; he grew up in Brooklyn NY, and graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in Political Science, and State University of NY at Albany with a Masters in Public Administration.   John and his wife Maxine live in Highland Beach Florida with their dog, Fifa. They have one son, Andrew, who lives in Tampa.
John is President of JRITLLC, an information technology consulting firm helping Governments and Industry become more efficient through the use of information technology. When not working he enjoys the outdoors, fishing, reading, and civic affairs.
John reviewed a few of the highlights of his career following graduation from SUNY Albany, beginning with landing his first position with New York City by writing an essay in response to an article in the newspaper.  He was among nine who were ultimately selected for an Urban Fellowship, which resulted in his early political training and civic employment beginning with the Department of Social Services participating in Project Management for NYC.
Several projects later he stepped out into private sector consulting, leading a rehabilitation services team; and then he was back into the city administration serving the Department of Finance.  Moving back into the private sector again, John lead projects for American Management Systems (AMS) and as Information Technology began to emerge, he had an opportunity to manage the data center.  After a few interesting and complex experiences, John wound up in the midst of acquisition and merger when Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique (CGI) acquired AMS. 
When much of the data center was moved to India, it provided an opportunity to experience multicultural management incorporating software development teams around the globe: India, Canada, and USA.  John loved his travel to India and learning about their culture, telling us how kind and hospitable they were.  He also told us how beautiful the countryside was.
John  concluded his story with a short description of one of his favorite Rotary projects: Josh the Otter, a water safety education program for pre-K children.  He enjoys reading the story that ends with a bigger than life otter dancing and singing about floating and never swimming alone.
After a brief Q & A, President Sue thanked John for sharing some of his life and career experiences, as well as his leadership in our club, especially looking forward to the Josh the Otter project John leads in the spring.