Rotary  Boca Raton Sunset loves Josh the Otter. On Tuesday October 6 and Wednesday October 7 our members and the trusty Otter visited classrooms at Advent Early Childhood School.  We read the story, played and sang the song, danced with Josh, and gave each child the book and DVD to keep and bring home to their families.  And then the best thing happens:  Ana Londono helps her mother Rubi Khouri don the otter costume and ...
Josh walks into the classroom!!! The kids are amazed – who’s ever seen a five and a half foot otter in a classroom?  It’s the best day ever.  And Josh tells the children: “Learn to float, children.  Always swim with a buddy” and the children say: “We will, Josh.  We promise.” 
The take-home story books are available in both English and Spanish. Mission accomplished. Thanks Josh.
Once again, on Wednesday April 6 our members and the trusty Otter visited classrooms, this time at Temple Beth El Early Learning Campus.  The school and the children were delighted to see us and excitedly listened to John Ross read the story.  While he read, Steve Laine showed the pictures to those in the front row as Larry Landis, Charlie Bromberg, and Jerry Leitherer showed the story to those in the back rows.
As the tale came to a close and the music began to play, the special event occurred with the appearance and dancing of Josh, now the full size of Ana's mom Rubi making the children remember this as the very best day at school.  Books were left with the teachers to send home with each of the children so they could play the CD over and over and remember to learn float and never ever swim alone.  Make sure there is an adult present whenever floating or swimming.
Completing our swim safety project for the 2015-2016 Rotary year, we brought Josh to the Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development on Wednesday April 20.  Chairman John Ross,Lee Barnard, Steve Laine, Jerry Leitherer, Ana Londano, and Phil Lustig joined Josh (played by Ana's mom Rubi Khouri) to tell the children the story about Josh the Baby Otter learning to float before learning to swim, but never alone!


2015 JCMF Rotary Water Safety Advocacy Award Winners Announced!

The Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation (JCMF) has formally announced the international 2015 JCMF Rotary Water Safety Advocacy Award Winners. With nearly 300 clubs passionately involved in the Rotary Josh the Otter Water Safety and Literacy Project, it is truly wonderful to highlight Rotary ​Boca Raton Sunset as one of 18 amazing Rotary clubs for their contribution to sharing the life-saving message of water safety with the children here in Boca Raton. 


To learn more about the international outreach of the JCMF programs, check out the web site