Posted on Aug 14, 2019
Accessing Rotary Websites
The primary website for Rotary Boca Raton Sunset is and the home page provides links to other public Rotary websites.  The Rotary BR Sunset home page is where members can login to access member only features.
Using CR (ClubRunner App) members can quickly see a list of upcoming Events and Speakers.  More information about Event or Speaker is available when clicking on the individual event listing.
Using CR (ClubRunner App) members can quickly see a summary of their attendance record.
Club Website or GPS Directions
Using CR (ClubRunner App) members can quickly link to the Club website or easily activate the Google Maps app for driving instructions, effective rerouting, and ETA.
Using CR (ClubRunner App) members can easily access and review stories recently published on website or with weekly bulletin. With stories list in view, click or touch the story title to review content.  Scroll down to see older stories.
Edit Profile
Sign into and go to Member Area; then select Change My Password to update with new password, select Update My Photo to replace picture, or select Edit My Profile to provide options to select one of six tabs for categories of information.  Please ensure all  information is kept current, especially date of birth, anniversary, and the tab providing biography.