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7-27-20 C Ron Allen - Mentoring Network
During our zoom meeting July 27, 2020, our speaker will be C. Ron Allen.  He is a highly respected newsman who is President and CEO of CRA Media Group, the parent company of the Delray Beach Tribune and a media relations firm. An award winning journalist, he previously worked 24 years as a reporter for the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. During his tenure, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and inducted into the Black Journalists Hall of Fame. Mr. Allen focused on helping businesses grow the bottom line through sales & leadership training, succession planning, change management, talent retention and communications.
He has nearly single-handedly been the lifeline for more than 700 children over the past 29 years. Few in South Florida are unfamiliar with C. Ron and his KOP Mentoring Network, formerly Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network ( ).  Many think they know his story, a veteran journalist, who started the organization in 1991 to pull wayward youth off the streets in southern Palm Beach County. But they really don’t know how hard he works, uses much of his own funds, and spends most of his time trying to educate and enlighten, oftentimes forsaking his own personal needs.
7-13-20 Children's Books: Haley
Haley Marguerite Mariano is the author of the children’s book series called Charlie Takes an Adventure.  Haley provided the program for our July 13, 2020 meeting via zoom.  She started out by telling us a little about the Rotary club she currently belongs to on the west coast, Rotary Siesta Key.  Rotary Siesta Key is a small club similar in size to ours, about 15-20 members.  Their projects include helping with a food bank and raising funds for a Guatemala project to help supply books for schools providing new books every five years, and like most Rotary clubs throughout the world raise funds for Polio eradication.  Haley also works with schools around the country to provide mentoring that helps bring children up to grade level reading.

Haley was born in Natick, Massachusetts and now lives in Boca Raton, Florida. She has taken her books all over the southern portion of the United States, especially the whole state of Florida. She has done over a hundred book readings at preschools, elementary schools and middle schools. With her three books already published in the Charlie Takes an Adventure series, Haley hopes to take Charlie to all 50 states in the US in the future.
Early in her life, Haley struggled with reading comprehension difficulty and was fortunate enough to have received help in overcoming the problem; now she hopes to help other young readers overcome similar problems through her encouragement and the books she has written.  Her own experience helps her quickly reach young readers with the empathy and assistance that builds up confidence and comprehension. The first book in this series, Charlie Takes an Adventure, was written as an language arts project in the sixth grade. With a lot of hard work and ambition, Haley had this book published and has since written two more books, Charlie Takes an Adventure to Massachusetts and Charlie Takes an Adventure to New York. Haley also spreads the love of reading by selling her books at farmers market, craft festivals and other big events all over the state of Florida and beyond. She is even venturing into the Carolinas later this year.

Along with being a children’s book author, Haley is a motivational speaker and inspirational blogger. She enjoys giving her motivational talks to young people so they can be inspired to follow their dreams just like she has. All of the hard work that Haley continues to put into her business shows that she is ambitious, driven, energetic and always looks to inspire others every chance she gets. She also strives to empower young woman to be confident, independent leaders through her breakthrough motivational events.
Thanks Haley for an inspiring and encouraging program, we hope to see you again, especially while you are located here in Boca Raton.
4-way Test and Credo
Our purpose is to positively influence our community through our
¨ activities,
¨ charitable projects and
¨ fellowship.
Our Passion and energy will cause others to join with us and support our efforts in the spirit of  “service above self.”
In exchange for our ongoing involvement, we will each experience the personal sense of satisfaction that only comes with unselfishly giving from the heart.
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