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8-26-2019 PJRH Initiative: Professor Douglas McGetchin
During our meeting August 26, 2019 we expect Professor Douglas McGetchin to provide an introduction to Mahatma Gandhi, including his leadership qualities, personality, international connections, and his technique of Nonviolence that has spread around the world to end legal segregation in the United States, Communist oligarchies in Eastern Europe, and Apartheid in South Africa.
Dr. Doug McGetchin is Interim Director of the FAU Peace, Justice, and Human Rights (PJHR) Initiative and Associate Professor of History, teaching World, German, and South Asian history. He had a Nehru-Fulbright senior research grant in Calcutta, India, 2013-14.
8-19-2019 Tina Rains: Health Industry Employment Trends
For our August 19, 2019 meeting, Tina Rains, RN, Ascend Recruiter President and CEO/CNO told us about employment trends in the healthcare industry.  She reported that healthcare industry represents 32% of the temporary employment provided by staffing firms in Florida during 2018, the next largest industry served by staffing firms was engineering, IT, and scientific at 21%.
Tina explained that the increase in U.S. population is driving the demand for healthcare staffing companies. The nurse shortage in the U.S. is increasing the demand for nurses in hospitals and community services which is expected to grow 14 percent to 16 percent between 2015 and 2021. Around 55 percent of the nurse workforce is 50 years old or above, which means there will be around 526,800 nurses retiring over the next five years. These retiring nurses will also drive workforce demand. Furthermore, as the nurse employment workforce increases from 2.86 million in 2012 to an expected 3.44 million in 2022, the demand will boost in the home healthcare workforce, including nutritionists, therapists and home care aids.
Tina started her first office and healthcare staffing service in 1995 and has worked with facilities of all types and sizes, leaders from all specialties. She has  recruited a team of leaders that have extensive experience and decades of experience recruiting the highest quality leaders and consultants to serve healthcare organizations.  Tina earned her RN from New Mexico Junior College, attended College of the Southwest for business studies, and attended John Maxwell Online University for Leadership, Speaker and Coaching.
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Sep 21: Peace Day celebration with FAU. PDG Steve Laine coordinating event.  Rotary International Treasurer expected to speak at FAU campus event and streaming tie-in is planned to unite with annual Nobel Peace Laureate Summit gathering in Merida, Mexico.
July 8-Nov 30: 2019 PAL Half Marathon Phase 1 began June 10, 2019 to recruit sponsors for the race.  Second Phase 1 milestone is 10/1/19 for website presence.  Donations benefit Boca PAL and Rotary vocation awards.  Phase 2 begins 9/1/19 to recruit donors for supplies, food, and drink for race day.  Race is scheduled for 11/30/19.
Past President Lee's Thought for the Week
08/19/2019: "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  Then the victory is yours.  It cannot be taken away from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."  attributed to Buddha
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