KOP Mentoring Network
Jul 27, 2020
C Ron Allen
KOP Mentoring Network

C. Ron Allen is a highly respected newsman who is President and CEO of CRA Media Group, the parent company of the Delray Beach Tribune and a media relations firm. n award winning journalist, he previously worked 24 years as a reporter for the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. During his tenure, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and inducted into the Black Journalists Hall of Fame. Mr. Allen focused on helping businesses grow the bottom line through sales & leadership training, succession planning, change management, talent retention and communications.

He has nearly single-handedly been the lifeline for more than 700 children over the past 29 years.

Few in South Florida are unfamiliar with C. Ron and his KOP Mentoring Network, formerly Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network (www.kopmn.org ).  Many think they know his story, a veteran journalist, who started the organization in 1991 to pull wayward youth off the streets in southern Palm Beach County. But they really don’t know how hard he works, uses much of his own funds, and spends most of his time trying to educate and enlighten, oftentimes forsaking his own personal needs.