Apr 30, 2020
Speaker Scheduling
Speaker Scheduling: Contact Club Secretary Jerry Leitherer

Sponsoring member speaker scheduling responsibilities:

⇒ Verify schedule availability with Club Secretary

⇒ When date confirmed, notify Club Secretary and Provide:

► speaker picture
► brief speaker bio
► brief synopsis of program topic and purpose
► speaker's email address

⇒ On meeting day, introduce speaker with brief speaker bio, brief description of topic and purpos

⇒ At least one week prior to speaking day, provide speaker with meeting format as follows:

⇒ Our evening begins with fellowship and family service dinner about 6 pm,

►at 6:30 pm our club President calls meeting to order,
►Sgt-at-arms leads us in

♦ USA Flag Pledge and club Oath,
♦ friendly opportunities to share "Happy Bucks,"
♦ 50-50 raffle,

►Club President calls for:

♦ club announcements
♦ program sponsor introduces speaker about 7 pm 

►Usually 20 minutes plus Q&A time, end 7:25 pm
► President will rise to signal wrap up
    ending meeting at 7:30 pm