During our meeting Monday February 10, 2020 we reviewed our club operation, charitable projects, and mid-year financial situation.  This provided an opportunity to evaluate and begin plans and budgets for Rotary year 2020-2021.  Additionally, having a quorum, the club ratified the updated club constitution required by RI and adopted amended club bylaws to include corporate membership guidelines, new definitions for honorary membership and updated attendance guidelines. 
Honorable Bernard Featherman brought his son Andrew for dinner and fellowship.  We always enjoy seeing Andrew when he is down in our area.  Great to see you again Andrew!
Our board met following the weekly club meeting.  In addition to approving minutes from previous board meeting, the board approved: request for leave for Dan Singh with review at end of April; appointment of Melissa Bhatnagar as Secretary Elect; decision to cancel 4/13 meeting and substituting Tribute Luncheon 4/4; and $500 budget for Secretary Jerry Leitherer's proposal to form community committee to develop project to improve recognition and respect for service provided by less popular occupations, vocations, and avocations.  After discussion of current financial status and review of Club Assembly discussions, the finance committee is charged with forming a budget for next Rotary year beginning July 1, 2020.