Chelsea Carter introduced us to H2FLO at our meeting March 4, 2019.  H2FLO is a cooperative service providing unique educational experience-programs involving surfing, skating, and arts.  Chelsea is currently a very enthusiastic skateboarding, surfing, and art instructor for children.   Also, as Business Development Manager, it is her duty to help expand H2FLO reach into new schools, as well as assist in development of new programs to maintain the diversity of what the company can give to the children of South Florida.
Listening to Chelsea describe the H2FLO program, we recognize a basic concept identified when the first Rotary club was formed: vocation as a service to community.  The people of H2FLO are committed to their respective sport and art and practice it with enthusiasm and fulfillment.  But with H2FLO they have taken it a step further to serve our community by teaching the sport to young folks and developing character in the children as they teach.  
Although most of us see frightening danger in the apparent high risk maneuvers we witness when watching skateboarding competitions, H2FLO carefully instructs their children in safety, making certain of capability prior to moving to each next phase of development.  This has worked fairly well for them, achieving a record of only one minor injury during their first 6 years of operation.  Further, that one incident involved one of their staff, which is probably why it was only a minor case.
Some of the character building stories Chelsea shared with us surprisingly identified team spirit and shared responsibility.  At first one sees these activities as individual sports, but watchful eyes and support from a companion is key to staying safe; and recognizing  potential concerns due to form or position helps develop the skill safely.  The children learn to help each other learn and experience effective movement and action.  In that process they also learn and practice responsibility regarding one another's well being and growth.
Chelsea was accompanied by Jeff Moss, CFO of H2FLO.  When questions came up, Jeff eagerly joined in with additional stories from his own experiences, because he also serves as coach and teacher in both skateboarding and surfing.  Jeff pointed out how the culture among skateboarders has changed as the sport developed and people like himself not only matured but also worked hard to change the culture so it is no longer the rough bullying kind of environment reputed at one time.  Today there are well managed parks and coaches to supervise the most prevalent skateboarding environments.
As a profitable business, both Jeff and Chelsea described the monetization of their beloved sport and the way they are expanding into arts and crafts.  They have developed a sketch of their curriculum to describe the service oriented product they provide.  Part of this sketch includes the design and crafting of a skateboard or surfboard, which includes team participation to match the variety of skills and artistic capabilities needed.
The sketch and video clips of experience and action are used to sell their programs to schools for extra curricular activity that seems to have demand, but doesn't fit into to the risk level of a school budget.  They also sell the services to summer camp programs and community activity centers.  Fortunate to have willing investors carry H2FLO through some of the initial yeas, their business has begun to grow.  Following enthusiastic Q&A, President Ana thanked Chelsea and Jeff, giving her a small token of appreciation.
Chelsea's preparation for this career seems to have been appropriate to bring her to this new phase.  After years of growing small businesses and tending bars, she has turned her talents toward helping today’s youth develop self-confidence, creativity, and athletic abilities.  She graduated Pompano Beach High School and continued with some college courses at  Florida Atlantic University.  Now she is enrolled in Broward College for a Bachelors in Business Administration.