Gabrielle spoke to our club during a zoom meeting May 11, 2020 at 6 pm. As expected she told us about the G.B.3 Literati project she and her sisters have begun in their community.  G.B.3 Literati, a family literacy team, seeks to instill hope in students by helping them to increase math proficiency and to raise their math grades by at least one letter grade within a tutorial period.  This team of sisters, famous for earning their Masters degrees prior to the age of 20, also seek to help students who have not acquired the adequate math skills for HS graduation to obtain their diploma.  
Gabrielle told us how this project is especially valuable to underprivileged students who may be lagging behind in their math at school or struggling to achieve HS graduation.  The project includes a free Saturday camp like experience for each week for three hours in the morning.  Often up to 50 students may be taking advantage of this project.  During these group sessions, the GB sisters work with about ten students each and provide personal assistance, drills and evaluations to help determine whether additional personal tutoring is required.
The personal tutoring is offered at a very reasonable rate and they work with parents to provide reasonable payment plans. Gabrielle told us about several success stories helping students overcome learning disabilities, helping students achieve HS graduation, and helping students qualify and achieve concurrent college degree credits while still in high school.  They have been volunteering much of their time during the four years of operation help serve their community.  But Gabrielle explained that there is a need to obtain facilities and equipment to keep the project going in southern Broward County.  More information about the tutoring program at  
Gabrielle created some enthusiastic support in our club and we decided to begin providing some financial support.  We also wondered whether they might help develop a similar project in the Palm Beach County area.  We thanked Gabrielle for providing the information about the project and for continuing to serve her community in southern Broward County.
Gabrielle Bush was selected FAU HS Rotary Scholar of the Year during the first year of our FAU HS Rotary Scholar project. She has a Master's in Public Administration, is currently a St Thomas University Law Student, and dreams of becoming Secretary of Health.