Our Annual Meeting for Election of Officers took place during our Holiday Party December 9, 2019.  The slate provided by our Nominating Committee and approved by our Board had been presented to the membership for review and additional nominations during November.  With no other nominations suggested, the Officers nominated were as follows:
Automatic rollover, elected last fiscal year
Immediate Past President 20-21 Sue Meister
President 20-21 Fred Licata
2019 Nominations
Membership 20-21, President 21-22 Lupe Eyde
Treasurer 20-21 Brian Stenberg
Executive Secretary 20-21 John Ross
Secretary 20-21 Dan Singh
Sgt at Arms 20-21 Steve Perman
Director Projects 20-21 Jerry Leitherer
With no further nominations and without objection a single vote of acclamation was cast to officially elect the slate.
The party was hosted at Chalfonte South Tower, 550 S Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton by club Immediate Past President Ana Londono with dinner provided by club thanks to President Elect Fred Licata.