During our weekly meeting Monday, 3/2/2020, we honored Lisa Campion, our Florida Atlantic University High School 2019-20 Rotary Scholar for March.  The FAU HS Rotary Scholar of the Month is selected by the FAU HS staff in recognition of character, ethics, morality, community service, and academic achievement. 
Melissa Bhatnagar introduced Lisa, and Lisa introduced us to her parents, Suelena and Nigel who accompanied her along with FAU University School Assistant Professor Robin Barkes (also Honorary Member and Interact Advisor) and FAU HS Associate Director David Kelly (also Paul Harris Fellow).  After thanking our club for this honor, Lisa told us she had previously been recognized as Rotary Student of the Month by Rotary Delray Beach when she was in elementary school. 
She continued by telling us that both her parents had immigrated to the US prior to her birth; her mom Suelena from Brazil, and her dad Nigel from England.  This provided a multi-culture influence for her, including opportunities to visit both countries, which inspired her towards her FAU studies in International Business and Trade, expecting to earn a BS in spring 2021.
Lisa also told us about her extracurricular experiences including FAU HS swimming, track, and basketball athletic teams.  She began with the swim team, then discovered that running "calmed her down" while keeping her focused, which led her to regional and state level competitions where she became the first FAU HS freshman to run in the state track meet.  In her sophomore year she joined the varsity basketball team and became the team captain.  Her energetic and enthusiastic performance resulted in MVP and coaches awards as well as being selected FAU HS Athlete of the Year.
Additionally, offering many hours of community service time in FAU HS Peer Mentoring program, she has helped HS sophomores transition to full time college programs, and has now become a Lead Mentor teaching and preparing new mentors for this program.  She also serves with the National Honor Society and the Student Athlete Leadership Team in organizing events to serve the community.
During the past semester, Lisa told us that she accomplished a major goal, to complete and present undergraduate research prior to her FAU HS graduation, which will occur in spring 2020.  With a partner and two mentors, she completed an economic polling initiative studying society's perceptions on overpopulation, which they presented recently at Florida's undergraduate research symposium.  She also told us that during next year's FAU studies she will be spending six months studying abroad in Madrid.  Concluding her story, she told us that recently she received news that she is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, very exciting!  Congratulations Lisa!  And don't forget you'll be joining us again May 4 for the annual Rotary Boca Raton Sunset Gala for 2019-20 FAU HS Rotary Scholars.